Welcome to BONDS Autism Centre!

We are excited for the opportunity to get to know you. Our goal at BONDS is to create lasting bonds of friendship and meet your family’s needs, ensuring that you and your family always feel welcome, supported and empowered.

Our programs are designed with you in mind and are flexible to suit your family’s wants and needs.

ABA Services

BONDS offers focused ABA programming (2-14 hours/ week) as well as comprehensive ABA programming (15-40 hours/ week) to target skill acquisition programs as well as behavior reduction programs!

Social Activities

BONDS offers social groups geared to a variety of ages and abilities to build connections through interactive and cooperative games and activities! We also have a large teen population and continue to offer outings and parties that are sure to impress!


BONDS offers camps year round from winter camp, march break camp and summer camp options available with a variety of activities, games and trips!

Our Foundation

When the centre was in its initial development stages, it was important to create a place that was free of judgement and would foster social interactions. The name “BONDS” was intended to be neutral and yet represent friendship bonds that could be created and last over time.

BONDS Autism Centre has grown significantly over the years and is always looking to advance programs and increase services to meet the needs of the community. Programming is designed to address the strengths and needs of individuals with an ASD diagnosis up to the age of 25.


Our Services

What we have to offer you!

1:1 ABA Programming

ABA Social Groups

Teen Parties / Outings


Centre Based Social Groups

Community Based Social Groups

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Teen Events

Join us for our monthly outing and teen party

Social Groups and Camps

Accepting registration for summer camp. Camps are offered with a variety of ratios including 1:3 for ages 3-7, 1:5 for ages 6-16 and 1:10 for ages 13-19. Please note that camps are being offered off site this year


Our team is growing and waitlists are minimal. Connect with us today to schedule a tour and complete an intake package

Our Vision: To be a recognized support services facility, providing development opportunities for youth/ young adults in group settings that enable independence and acceptance for those diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Our Mission: To provide opportunities for youth/ young adults to demonstrate and reach their full potential while developing the skills necessary to build and maintain friendships in a safe, fun and supportive environment.