“He absolutely loves going to Bonds and I see a huge increase in his confidence”



“I am a proud mama of a beautiful 4 year old girl with ASD. After our daughter was diagnosed, I interviewed 3 of the top centres in Halton while searching for the perfect place for her to receive IBI Therapy. Before I interviewed Bonds, I was concerned. I worried about how our daughter would embrace the world of IBI. I just hadn’t found the right fit. That was before I walked into Bonds and met Vanessa. Immediately I started feeling more confident and assured. Vanessa answered every question I had, articulately and thoughtfully, I could see that she knew her stuff and was very happy to share her wisdom with us. I could see that the space would be somewhere our daughter would love to be! It wasn’t cold or sterile like some of the other Centres I attended. I knew we had found the right place immediately! We started our daughter right away and in 3 months we have seen an incredible amount of progress! She is talking in full sentences, responding to us in the right context, there is less echolalia and more spontaneous speech and conversation. Her meltdowns have substantially diminished and she is pushing through her programs! Her eye contact has improved so much and she has learned how to appropriately socialize and play with her peers. We are constantly amazed with what she comes away learning! Our daughter continues to break down barriers under the care of her therapists at Bonds and we are so immensely proud of her and thankful to Bonds for helping our daughter reach her full potential. If you are a parent considering IBI Therapy, you will not be disappointed with Bonds”

Marian– Oakville


“He had a GREAT time at last week’s Teen Party. In fact, he wished that he went to the first one. He will definitely be interested in going to your next one. Thanks very much to you, and your team, for putting on the party and giving up your Saturday evening. I found the atmosphere at the party felt very happy and party-like!”



“I just wanted to thank you for Saturday. He came home smiling ear to ear. He loved it. This is one major bonus as a parent. I love your company! It was the best $40 I’ve ever spent. Thanks Again.”



“I just wanted to tell you that I think it’s wonderful that you hold the teen parties and other events for the older kids.  I think it’s so nice that Aidan has some parties to go to, he was never really invited to other kids’ birthday parties, and it’s hard seeing his brother and sister get invited to things when he doesn’t.   He is enjoying going to these events.  Thank you!”



“Just wanted to tell you what a great time she had at the PA Day Camp yesterday. I listed choices of her favourite facilities, and she was adamant about going back to Bonds!”



“Thank YOU for opening the Centre. He loves going to his ‘club.’ Love what you have established for our kids. Thank you for your amazing Centre.”



“Thank you so much for opening the BONDS Autism Centre. You and your staff have provided Owen with an environment to meet other kids who struggle with the challenges of autism; which doesn’t happen very often.”


“The weeknight ‘clubs’ were first met with anxiety and required a lot of encouragement; now he is reminding me of his club night! He looks forward to spending time with his new friends and learning the skills you have set out for that particular night. With all of the positive experiences at BONDS weekly clubs, Owen finally went to camp for the first time in nine years! Thank you so much for creating this amazing Centre for our kids, I’m not sure how we managed without you!”

Joanna Black– Proud mother of Owen and Proud Member of the BONDS family


“My-8-year-old son took part in the summer camps and had an amazing experience. What is most encouraging for me as a parent, is that I see my son with a new found confidence that came with finding a special place that understands him and his needs with no judgment. He considers Bonds a place that he can freely be himself and feel totally accepted and even celebrated. Thank you a million times over for what you do for all of us.”